Current and Upcoming Groups

Caregiver Yoga 

Yoga has been proven to be a fantastic partner to therapy. It is designed to teach you to pay more attention to what your body is telling you and help you process through any stress and trauma hidden in your body. Our therapist Kayti will use a combination of Yoga, journaling, and processing to help you process difficult emotions. Our goal is to help you be more present and attuned to your child!

  • Trauma Informed yoga
  • Learn coping skills you can do from home, like journaling and ways to process emotions
  • Become more present and attuned to your child
  • It’s helpful for anyone, not just someone with trauma

Sign up for the Caregiver Yoga week by week. The class is limited to 6 slots per week so make sure to contact the office to save your spot.

Parent Child Yoga Ages 4-10

Join Kayti in a special Yoga class for Parents and their children to connect, regulate, and build attachment through active, playful, partnered Yoga! In this class, you and your child will:

  • Engage in Yoga together
  • Increase Connection and Confidence
  • Increase Regulation through mind-body connection

Parent Child Yoga is more interactive as a group and so participants sign up for a set number of weeks. The class is currently Full. The dates for the next class will be announced after July 18th.

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