Do Owls have tongues Project

Do Owls Have Tongues? And Other Big Questions.

The Quiet Heart Press is a family run press that writes picture books designed to help kids address a variety of life's hard topics. Each book is written with a cause in mind to support.

Their most recent book, Do Owls Have Tongues? And Other Big Questions supports children with trauma! Coral Hayward, author, worked closely with a therapist while writing Do Owls Have Tongues. 

"Do Owls Have Tongues? And Other Big Questions is a book to help kids who have questions but might not know how or who to ask. Kids are all just learning about the world, so questions aren't hard to come by. Sometimes, however, a question can come up that is harder to ask. Maybe because it's embarrassing. Maybe because it's scary. Whatever the reason, they should still be able to ask their question and get help to find the answer. "

-Coral Elizabeth Hayward, Author. 

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