Becky Pierce,  LCSWBecky Pierce, LCSW

Becky Lovell Pierce co-founded Hope and Healing Child and Family Counseling with Michelle Benson, APRN in 2015 and now serves as the clinical director. Becky received her BS in Psychology from Westminster, 1995 and her Masters in Social Work from the University of Utah, 1999.

Becky uses a variety of therapeutic interventions to treat children of all ages, adults, and families.  Becky believes in the power of therapy to heal parent/child relationships, trauma, and attachment wounds.

Becky is trained in Theraplay, Dyadic Developmental Practice, EMDR, Objects Relations through the International Psychotherapy Institute,  Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy, and is a Clinical Yoga Practitioner 500 and a Trust Based Relational Intervention Practitioner.

Becky draws from psychodynamic, interpersonal process and attachment theories and believe that past experiences such as trauma impact our relationships and the way we see the world. She works with children, adolescents and their caregivers and aims to create a warm and non-judgmental space for exploration.


Michelle Benson, APRNMichelle Benson, APRN

Michelle is an experienced and dedicated licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) with 23 years of professional practice. She earned her undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University (BYU) and furthered her education by completing her master’s degree at the University of Utah.

For the initial 12 years of her career, Michelle devoted her skills and compassion to the well-being of children, working at the Primary Children’s Center for Counseling. Following this period, she transitioned into private practice.

In 2015, Michelle co-founded “Hope and Healing” alongside Becky Pierce. This venture reflects her commitment to providing comprehensive and compassionate care, with a focus on fostering mental health and well-being.

Michelle’s professional focus lies in psychiatric evaluations and medication management for pediatric clients aged 5-21. Her extensive experience and dedication make her a trusted advocate for the mental health of young individuals. Michelle’s approach to care is characterized by her specialization in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) and her designation as a Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Practitioner.

In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.


Dan Kammerlohr, CMHC

Dan views therapy through an attachment-based and emotion-focused lens. The process of getting curious within our personal narratives and relational connections tends to illuminate our internal tension, fears, and anxieties. Such internal struggles may contribute to feeling “stuck” or “flooded” even in the midst of having prior knowledge or insight regarding the challenge.

In therapy we work together to understand the challenges and how they feel really big in the moment. We strive to get to know the stories and self-criticisms that go on in our heads around our personal struggles. We attempt to care for the vulnerable parts of ourselves and heal painful experiences, whether in the present, from the past, or fears and anxieties about the future. This process can occur both in talk and play.

Dan utilizes Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT), Interpersonal Processing, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, and interventions based on Theraplay® principles to assist clients in working through challenging emotions and experiences, building self-awareness and insight, and trying out new ways of engaging and connecting relationally.

In his free time, Dan enjoys spending time with his family and planning his next exciting adventure in the outdoors.

Dan is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor who has been with Hope & Healing since May of 2019. Dan has worked in the mental health field since 2008 with experience in outpatient, day treatment, residential, and wilderness treatment settings. He graduated from Westminster College with his Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling.

Heather Abbott, CMHC

Heather Abbott is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor who has been with Hope and Healing since May 2020. She graduated with her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Westminster College. She also holds a B.S. in Psychology and Family and Consumer Science from the University of Utah.

Heather believes that our earliest experiences shape our beliefs about the world we live in. When those experiences are problematic, it makes it difficult to feel safe. Without intervention, these beliefs persist into adulthood where they impact our ability to form meaningful, connected relationships. Heather uses approaches including attachment and psychodynamic theories that focus on identifying and healing those early relational wounds to reduce fear and increase feelings of safety. She uses the therapeutic relationship to create a nurturing environment where clients can explore their feelings and work through the trauma that gets in the way of living.

In her spare time, Heather most enjoys spending time with her family. She also likes activities like skiing, hiking, running, and Zumba, planting flowers and cooking.

Susannah Anderson, ACMHC

Susannah believes that relationships and attachments are at the root of healing and recovery. As relationships are strengthened and trust is repaired, healing can occur. This process is a journey, not a destination.

Susannah Anderson is an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor who has been with Hope and Healing since January 2020. She is a graduate of Westminster College where she earned her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in May 2021. She also received her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Utah.

Susannah has had experience working with children ages 7-18, their parents, and young adults over the past 7 years. She has a specific passion for working with adolescents, young adults, and parents – helping them to broaden their horizons and explore how their past experiences are influencing them in their current lives. Susannah draws from attachment theory, psychodynamic principles, CBT principles, and TBRI in her clinical work. She strives for a trauma-informed, attachment-focused approach. This approach typically requires a long-term commitment to therapy and is targeted at solving the root of the issue rather than providing quick, “band-aid” fixes that leave the root of the issue unresolved. In her free time, she enjoys running, playing tennis, spending time with family, baking, and playing the piano.

Stephanie Kelley, ACMHC

Stephanie is an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor. She received her MS from Westminster College, previously getting her BS in Psychology. She has had experience working with suicidal and psychotic adults and adolescents at a behavioral health inpatient unit and with weekly therapy with children and parents. Stephanie enjoys working with children over eight years old and with parents, singly or in couples, to optimize their parenting by including trauma-informed techniques in addition to processing family interactions.

Stephanie views therapy as a gateway to making long-lasting, positive changes in her clients lives and her goal is to help her clients achieve more enriching personal connections within family and other social environments.  She strives to create a safe environment for children and adults to explore their own attachment histories and develop relationship patterns that will be more beneficial in their lives.

She incorporates play therapy, Attachment-Focused Family Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), Trust-Based Relational Interaction (TBRI), Psychodynamic, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) techniques in her therapy sessions.

Stephanie spends her time outside the office making things grow, making quilts, and making memories with her family.

Kumi Morse, ACMHC

Kumi is an alumnus of Westminster College, having graduated in May 2023 with her MS. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Utah. Additionally, she pursued studies in early childhood education at Salt Lake Community College. With almost 15 years of experience, Kumi has dedicated her career to working with young children facing emotional, behavioral, and social challenges. Furthermore, she gained valuable experience during her practicum by assisting adults dealing with substance use issues. In her therapeutic practice, Kumi employs a trauma-informed and attachment-based approach.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Kumi indulges in her passions during her free time. She has a profound love for dogs, enjoys crafting Hawaiian quilts, and finds relaxation in playing the piano.

Jenny Hong, ACMHC

Jenny is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor.  She received her BS in Psychology from the University of Utah and graduated in May 2023 from Westminster College with her MS.

Jenny has had experience working with adolescents in a behavioral health inpatient setting as well as with adults in substance use, recovery and detox. Jenny is passionate about working with children and adolescents and believes when caregivers are a part of the process of helping their children, healthy attachments can be built and positive long-term changes occur. Jenny is interested in drawing from interpersonal processing, attachment theory, psychodynamic principles, and cognitive behavioral interventions.

In her free time Jenny enjoys traveling, eating good food, spending time with friends and going on outdoor adventures with her partner and dog.

Gin Anderson, ACMHC

Gin is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor from Westminster College and is excited to be with Hope and Healing.

Gin has an extensive background in teaching, managing and developing youth and young adults throughout her time as a teacher and owner of an outdoor recreation business in Juneau, Alaska. She also has experience with acute care for adolescents in a behavioral health inpatient setting. She loves working with children, teens and their families, and brings flexibility, positivity, patience and an open-mind to counseling. When working with kids she feels it is important to have a sense of humor and a willingness to “go with the flow.” Her approach to therapy is to create a comfortable, honest and understanding environment and relationship that fosters a journey of awareness, acceptance, compassion and growth. Gin incorporates trauma-informed, attachment-based and psychodynamic concepts in therapy sessions.

Gin has a bachelors and masters in music and plans to graduate from Westminster in the spring of 2023. When Gin isn’t in class or with clients, you can find her weight lifting in the gym, listening to hip hop, hiking on the trails or enjoying a good cup of coffee!